Marja`s voice of our International Summer Workshop

Body UP & Lean and Lifted by Marja Putkisto - "Movement for Magic & Stretching for Strength!"

• Sun 26th July – Sat 1st August

Dear Friend,

For myself, our summer workshop is the highlight of the year.

It is my passion to see when the body and mind elevates, the self becomes clear and we feel free to move.

This break is about well-being skills. We are aiming to reach life lasting posture and freedom of movement. The effect of the course lasts long after the course.

“It is wonderful that we have life and this workshop is a celebration to enjoy it - together with nature and friends!”
“It is always an uplifting experience – not only for the body and mind – but also for humanity.”

We welcome new guests and friends. You can join us on your own or with a friend; it is suitable for new participants with no previous experience.

My wonderful assistants will make sure that everyone receives the best possible individual guidance and be able to focus on the essence and join into the flow of the week.

You are invited to bring a bit of humour with you, as it also heals the body and mind.

Love Marja

Learn more about the week and see the week`s timetable.

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