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Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic - developed by Marja Putkisto

A unique approach to looking younger - from within

It is an ultimate muscle balancing and energising technique for the face, upper body; head, neck and jaw alignment.

When learnt correctly it releases, defines, strengthens and lifts the face.

It releases stress and unwanted expressions from your face and refreshes the way you look. It is simple yet supremely efficient - and totally natural.

Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic is well known and recommended by dentists, doctors and physiotherapists in Finland as an alternative to night grinding problems and invasive facial surgery or injections.

It is suitable for everyone and should be used by anyone who is using digital gadgets.

"Know your face and you will express yourself better and feel more confident." Marja Putkisto 

You can see and feel the results. You can either see or sense the difference and wrinkles will take on a whole new meaning. 

How does the MP system work?

The 3D Method Putkisto approach is to work from within (3D) without mirrors.

It is popular due to its simplicity - you can practise discreetly practically anywhere: anti-ageing exercises firming the jaw, eliminating double chins and the way grey reduces puffiness. Step-by-step you will learn how to enhance the exercises by applying them into your everyday life. 

You learn

• to understand the structure and the function and relationship of your facial muscles.

• how to isolate the muscles one by one; to contract and release them in an optimum way

• to understand how the mind, face and body function 'as a whole'

I look forward to seeing you "face to face", Marja 


"My own face now looks more open and relaxed. My friends have been stunned by the fact that all the positive effects have been gained by natural methods, using no medical methods, Botox, or other wrinkle-smoothing injections. In my opinion, this natural approach is the secret of this unique method." 

"It released my jaw tension - and softened my profile - and features around my mouth".

"By the end of the course I felt that my muscles had tightened and lifted and my skin looked brighter".

"I use Method Putkisto 3D face clinic as a de-stress and I do look younger".

Thank you to the MP Face Clinic Clients for their dedication to the sessions.

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