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Method Putkisto Peak Performance - developed by Marja Putkisto

Body work to reach your optimum - and even ultimate performance

A dynamic way to relearn the way you move; either in everyday life or in more challenging performances such as sport & dance.

"When you learn how to correctly support your spine - and how to control its movements – you will be a good mover". Marja Putkisto

The Method Putkisto system focuses on all the different tissues of the body and improves their function. “- and best of all, it improves the whole body shape far deeper than any exercise form I ever have experienced.” MP client

”Fitness or sport training does not necessarily develop the skills needed to reach the optimum balance and well-being of the body; I recommend Method Putkisto to everyone.” – Professor E

Who is it suitable for?

For everyone when you intuitively feel there is another and better way to improve the body.

I recommend it to everyone who is interested in moving well – throughout their life.

I also recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different and new way to approach their exercising/sport performance, those who question what their optimum body really is and know it has more potential.

How do the MP Peak exercises feel?

The MP system is energising but never exhausting. It stimulates the body and the mind and inspires you to achieve more than your expected limits.

Power is generated with lightness and ease.

What do I gain?

Become a good mover – even an excellent one. Move with fluidity, elegance and confidence; improve your agility, balance, control. Enjoy freedom of movement throughout life!

Learn how to move with ease, grace and fluidity

Achieve your peak performance in whatever you do.

Deepen the understanding of your own body; its potential and limits.

Alleviate pain and be free to move – throughout life!

How does the system work?

You will learn how all your movements are linked to the spine, to produce motion, which is all related to the skill and ability of controlling the spine.

Method Putkisto addresses the core elements of how to manage one’s body and movements. It builds the foundation and base structure of any movement.

It teaches you to perfect the dynamics of your movements - and encourages you to access your inner resources and creativity!

You learn to analyse and correct the way you move using the three dimensional system (Method Putkisto 3D) which gives you the tools to build the optimum alignment and movement of your body. It can be integrated into everyday life and any sport or performance.

The exercises are divided into two categories “from inside out”.

1. Floor work classes

• To support, control, stabilise and move the spine (alleviates pain)

• To train muscular balance progressively and strengthen the ‘intrinsic’ muscles

2. Outdoor classes (MP Walking Clinic) or applied to a particular sport. 


“If one exercises and the body is out of the alignment the body will suffer! When the body returns to its optimum alignment through correct exercises; unnecessary tension is removed - and the body is free!

To reach your peak performance, the Method Putkisto programme works on the foundation and structure of the movements. When this is “inside” your muscle memory it has shown that you will be a better performer in more demanding sports/dance. If these abilities/skills are missing you will always have to compensate for the missing components - one way or another.” Marja Putkisto

What has been important to me in Method Putkisto?

The Method offers me tools to learn how to deepen the awareness/knowledge of my own body. It also has taught me how to find relevant answers to optimise my training. This has changed my results.


2009 American Football, professional player Arto Ahtola

2010 Spring. Downhill Ski Team, Helsinki

2012 spring: Helsinki Jokerit; The premier Ice Hockey Team

2013 spring: Formula 1 team members in the UK

- took Method Putkisto 3D Peak performance system as their preferred training programme.

2013 Horse Riding School, Helsinki

2013 – Ballet School, Helsinki

2013 – Kisakallio Sport Coach Professional Training

2013 – Clay Pigeon Shooting, Britain

2013 – Swimming Coach

2013 – Runners, Britain, Finland

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