Time to feel lean, light and lifted?

Experience a 6 day miracle. International Summer Break 2020 by Marja Putkisto, for magic and strength.

  • Sun 26th July – Sat 1st August

Method Putkisto gives you a stronger and suppler body

This is a well-being week to clear the mind and energise the spine with movement.

With the help of Method Putkisto exercises we bring our body to the optimum balance, freedom of movement and relaxation. Marja is a master of her own craft – this is why her guidance is always a worthwhile experience!

“When our posture gets stiff so does our mind and the ability to see further is more difficult. This is when we no longer are agile.”


Many of us live static lives full of stress. Too much stress has an effect on our health and only recently it has been understood the real effect it has on our well-being. Sometimes our brain is simply overloaded.

Method Putkisto is used by thousands. This year I will focus on elevating the stress and rebuilding the balance. We use Marja`s new programme called “Magic & Strength” for the sensory system and its balance.

By reducing stress we sleep better, learn new things and become more creative, happier and healthier.

Is this suitable for me?

Is it time to renew? Do you need to recover? Is it time to lift your posture?

Are your shoulders or is it your mind what is blogged?  Do you need to recuperate, is your mind and body ready to take time off and relax?

We offer something that everyone can do and skills that everyone should have.

This course is suitable for everyone who wishes to improve their posture, flexibility, core strength and feel more energised.

The course is perfect for those who wish to feel well. You can join in on your own or with a friend or spouse!

“When you need to balance your body.”

Welcome to legendary intensive summer workshop by Marja. Enjoy looking after yourself in beautiful surroundings and with an international atmosphere.

”Life changing!”

See the week`s timetable, and read Marja`s regards.

Sign in.

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