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What is Method Putkisto Original?

Method Putkisto is an innovative, precise method of deep stretching, strengthening and breathing, enabling you to achieve in-depth improvements in body shape.

It teaches you to get to know your body and how to support it in its optimum alignment using your own body weight, breathing and focus - systematically, improving muscle balance. This results in a greater freedom of movement, a sense of well-being and increased energy levels.

It has been developed by Marja Putkisto. 

"I have developed the method over my lifetime and corrected with it my own body to find a way to a more leaner and lifted body. I would like to offer everyone an opportunity to feel free to move! It is Finnish - and that is why it appreciates simplicity and natural movements". 

How does Method Putkisto work?

The way to an overall balance of the body – it uses visualisation and simple basic movements. All this re-programmes the neurological pathways (muscle memory)

Deep stretching exercises – focuses on elongating tight and short muscles to free the body to its neutral/centre position.

Deep breathing exercises – improves the functionality of the diaphragm and supports the ribcage to its optimum position.

Deep strengthening exercises – we strengthen the deeper muscles supporting the posture.  

Who is Method Putkisto suitable for?

It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels: top sport athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts. It can be used as a part of rehabilitation or pre/post operations and can, in cases, cure back and joint pain.

Method Putkisto is the way to creative thinking and a way to work from "inside out" through the structural study of your own body. The MP method encourages each individual to work towards their true potential and engages his/her inner resources and creativity to achieve this.

“Method Putkisto is highly specialised in stretching & core stability” Elina 

"MP is one of the most sensible, effective and body changing (if not potentially life and health changing) methods of exercises I have tried" Newby Hands Harper's Bazaar

"Marja has achieved a solution and is able to teach the complex structure and movement of the body to each individual in way that is easy to comprehend - and use in everyday life - independently" Professor Malkia

"We build strength "from inside out"

"Doing the stretches is extremely calming as focused breathing and visualisation is vital if you are to achieve the full stretch" Newby Hands, Harper's Bazaar.

How often do I need to practice?

You will feel some body-changing effects immediately. With regular practice these results can become permanent.

• Once a week - slows down the deterioration of loss of agility and balance

• Twice a week - you begin to improve overall

• Three times a week - boundaries can be pushed as far as you dare!

NOTE: The MP 30 Day programme is hugely popular - and has been completed by thousands of people.

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