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Studio offering specialised stretching, ‘Finnish yoga’ and Pilates

I have over 30 years of experience of training, educating, lecturing, instructing. Movement is my passion. I live it, breathe it! I love to see you become empowered and confident.

Stretching makes you strong and mobile. It improves your digestion, removes headaches, slims you down, improves your figure, and removes aches and pains- if the technique is right. Many do not even know what you can do with stretching and how holistic body work it can be.

If you have ‘done it all’ – and yes something is missing? Method Putkisto is a Finnish deep stretching method, house hold name, swears by thousands of Finns over 30 years!

Experience ‘less is more’ approach – and enjoy the feeling of being free!

Marja Putkisto Studio
56 Derby Road
London SW14 7DP

Marja Putkisto Studio Lontoo

Marja Putkisto Studio Lontoo

More than an exercise Studio

Enjoy the feeling of being free!

p. 050 318 8338

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